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November 22nd 2018

New Blog Post: The Digital Analytics & Optimization Maturity Index (DAOMI)

What would you think about a simple, anonymous and free check of the maturity of your digital customer relationships, benchmarked against German competitors? Sounds interesting, right? This was what our project partner mindlab probably thought as well when they decided to develop the Digital Analytics & Optimization Maturity Index (DAOMI) together with Bitkom. To learn more, read the most recent blog post in our forum – and maybe also take the test! Click here to read the article!

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November 1st 2018

October 10th 2018

New Blog Post: The Business Vitality Model – Deep Dive

After introducing the Business Vitality Model in our first article, we’ll now go into a little more detail on model derivation, method and implementation – and shed some light on what’s to come in our third article as well as the upcoming workshop (sign up for the workshop here!). Sounds good? Click here to read the article.

October 9th 2018

Have Your Own Business Analyzed!

What do your own numbers have to tell you about how much long-term value you generate from your customers and how sustainably your business performs? We offer to run the Business Vitality Model for you – the first two signups get the analysis for free! Just register via our form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

September 11th 2018

New Blog Post & Workshop: The Business Vitality Model

“In the end of the day, it all comes down to revenues and profits.” That’s classic commerce controlling. And it’s not entirely wrong as revenue is what goes to your bank account and profit is what actually stays there. BUT: Nowadays, you will never be able to determine, if your business model actually works (or: keeps working) with these metrics, because they’ve nothing to do with the actual substance of your business that decides whether it will live or perish: Your customers. If you want to do it better than this, learn more about our newly developed Business Vitality Model – here is our first article! As usual, we’ll also have a workshop on this topic: Nov 8th, 10am-5pm. Sign up for the workshop here!

July 10th 2018

New Blog Post: Workshop Summary – The Onsite Customer Journey Index

Three weeks ago, another CRS workshop turned out to hold a great deal of insight for all participants: CRS community members from companies like baumarkt direkt, REWE vertical ZooRoyal, Händlerbund, mindlab, Akanoo and minubo put their heads together and spent a day full of in-depth discussions on how to get hold of customers’ onsite behaviour – specifically: on the Onsite Customer Journey Index model developed and presented by Akanoo. In our new blog post, we’ll share a high-level summary of some key discussion topics to give you some insight into how the workshop went – and motivate you to sign up for the next one!

June 12th 2018

New Blog Post: The Onsite Customer Journey Index – Integration Into Company Processes

After the introductory blog post about the Onsite Customer Journey Index as well as the article about the calculatory model detailsAkanoo does now share some insight on how to integrate the Onsite Customer Journey Index into company processes. You can now not only read the blog post here, but also register for the workshop here – June 21st, 10am-5pm, probably in Hamburg.

May 29th 2018

New Blog Post: The Onsite Customer Journey Index – Model Introduction

After the introductory blog post about the Onsite Customer Journey Index, it’s now time for some hard facts on how the model metrics are calculated – and what the first benchmark values are so far. For this purpose, project partner Akanoo has composed a second article on their ideas behind the model – joined by the concrete calculation methods they came up with so far as well as some of the most urgent questions to discuss in the course of the project. You can now not only read the blog post here, but also register for the workshop here – June 21st, 10am-5pm, probably in Hamburg.

May 8th 2018

New Topic & Workshop: The Onsite Customer Journey Index

It’s time for our next topic and workshop! This time, we’ll focus on a specific model that helps people in certain roles create data-driven processes to achieve better results: The Onsite Customer Journey Index developed by project partner Akanoo. You can now read the first (out of three) blog post here or even already register for the workshop here – June 21st, 10am-5pm, probably in Hamburg. We’re excited to start the next project round with you!

March 19th 2018

New Blog Post: How the Commerce Reporting Standard Helps Retailers Keep up With Amazon

There has a video been made of our presentation at the Internet World TrendArena two weeks ago! That means that we can now share the ideas with you that we presented to the audience in Munich: The Commerce Reporting Standard can help retailers keep up with Amazon. Why? Because it enables retailers to establish a data-driven work culture – and that’s essential to survive in today’s competition. Find out why (and how) in our blog post and video!

March 9th 2018

CJI meets CRS: Be Part of our Pre-OMR AfterWork Event!

What do the Customer Journey Index and the Commerce Reporting Standard have in common? Exactly: By modeling metrics and processes, both make it easier for commerce companies to establish a data-driven work culture. At our Business Beer event in the context of the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival, you’ll learn more about both projects as well as their future interlocking and have the chance to share your experiences in data-driven commerce with other interested parties.
March 21st – from 4pm – no costs – sign up here!

March 6th 2018

Presenting our Project at the Internet World TrendArena

Following an invitation of the Internet World team, we proudly presented the Commerce Reporting Standard initiative at the TrendArena stage 2018. And again, we received some great feedback! We’re welcoming all our new subscribers and are looking forward to the next steps of our project.
Click here to view a video of the presentation: How retailers can keep up with Amazon with the help of the Commerce Reporting Standard.

February 1st 2018

The First Parts of the Standard are Published!

Our project finally reached a first major milestone: A few weeks after our first workshop, the first parts of the Standard have been published! You find the results on our first topic block (transaction metrics) in the newly implemented Results section – split up into three parts: 1) The Systematizations part shows the worked out content of single topic blocks – especially the overall logic and calculations of single metric groups. 2) The Metric Glossary lists all metrics along with their priorities that are part of the Standard so far. 3) The Term Glossary contains definitions of the most important commerce reporting terms. Have fun reading – we’re looking forward to your feedback!

December 18th 2017

New Blog Post: A Summary of the First CRS Workshop

Right before christmas, we’d like to provide you with the promised update on our first project workshop. Before we’ll process and publish the results of our discussions on a detailed level (probably in January), you can now find a high-level summary of some key discussion topics in our blog. Have fun reading!

December 8th 2017

Quick Update: Yesterday’s Workshop was a Great Success!

Before we’ll take the time for a comprehensive followup, we want to let you know that our first workshop turned out to totally proof the concept of our project: With participants from e.g. Project A, the Otto Group and ZooRoyal, we worked on a unified understanding of transaction metrics and had a very productive discussion with a broad consensus on the topic. We’ll publish some more insights during the next days and weeks. For now: Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a success!

November 22nd 2017

NEW DISCUSSION: Transactional Average Metrics

A further step in the systematization of transaction metrics is done: We approached the topic of transactional averages by thinking about which average metrics there actually are (it’s many…) and which of them can be considered relevant (on a generic, non-department-specific level at first). Get to the article here and tell us what you think!

October 25th 2017

Workshop No. 1!

Big news: We’ve just scheduled our first Commerce Reporting Standard workshop – December 7th it is! During the workshop, we’ll discuss questions around our first topic blog, transaction metrics, and try to reach a consensus on some critical questions. Afterwards, we’ll publish some first official results on this web platform. We’re really looking forward to this! And by the way: Be prepared for a third blog post on transaction metrics in November…!

August 23rd 2017

Summer break!

Just a quick heads up to our community: As summer obviously doesn’t seem to come to Hamburg this year, we’ll now go after the summer ourselves – vacation time! We’ll be back in the end of September, have a great time until then! (Maybe a good time to read our latest blog post…)

August 4th 2017

NEW DISCUSSION: Time References

And there it is: our third blog post! After having introduced the transaction metrics matrix in our latest post, we now go into greater detail with how these metrics are actually calculated – for, as you probably know, there is an important variable to consider: time reference. Click here to read the article!

August 2nd 2017

Thank you for the Overwhelming Feedback!

Wow, what a great experience – two weeks after our official launch, we look at some really stunning results. Not only grew our community by numerous new subscribers, also did we acquire some great new partners who will appear on the project website in the course of the next days or weeks. You can also look forward to a second blog post of the transaction metrics series to be published in the next couple of days. Click here to read the first post now.

July 17th 2017

It’s on: We launch!

Finally, we’re there: The official project launch is about to happen tomorrow. As a first step, a press release will be sent out, and a social campaign on our freshly set up profiles on Twitter and Facebook will take off – be the first one to follow us! After that, we’ll put some effort in acquiring more community members to start the first online discussion – we’re excited to see what comes out of this!

June 9th 2017

Just a Little Patience…

Dear community members, just a quick status update: We’re still about to prepare the official communication initiative to give our project a powerful start – soon, you’ll find a little more going on here! But of course, you can also contribute to bringing life to this website: Just click here to take part in our first commerce reporting discussion!

May 3rd 2017

We’re online!

Wow, this is exciting – the project website is all set, we just have to click this one button! So let’s get it over with and finally share all those insights and questions with the world. Let’s start building the Commerce Reporting Standard!

April 26th 2017

NEW DISCUSSION: Transaction Metrics

Today, we can already see the project launch appear on the horizon: The first discussion topic is ready to be turned upside down! Just click this link to go to our forum and join the discussions around transaction metrics – the very core of commerce reporting.

April 18th 2017

New Partners on Board!

The network is growing, before the project has even started – we’re very happy to welcome our first official partners on board: The bevh (Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland), shopanbieter.de as well as metrinaut. Let’s drive this project forward together!

April 10th 2017

Website Building Kick-Off!

Finally, our project receives its own home: A web platform for commerce reporting expertise and discussions. We’re looking forward to discuss all important commerce reporting questions with you and, step by step, make our vision become reality: Work out the one and only reporting standard for commerce companies! So, let’s get it done…