Have Your Business Analyzed!

Let us run the Business Vitality Model for You

What do your own numbers have to tell you? We offer to run the Business Vitality Model for you – the first two signups get the analysis for free! Just register via our form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

What will we do?
Send us some data (we’ll talk about what exactly we need later on) and we’ll conduct the analysis for you. We’ll then share the results with you and discuss the insights that can be gathered from the numbers.

Who is “we”?
“We”, that’s us: minubo, the Commerce Intelligence Company, as one of the initiators of the Commerce Reporting Standard project in cooperation with Tom Korn from the Otto Group, as one of the drivers of the Business Vitality Model initiative. Of course, we’ll sign a confidentiality agreement for you, before you share any data with us.