15-Minute Quick Test: Your Digital Analytics in a Nationwide Comparison

22 Nov 2018
Anne Golombek

The Author: Mindlab Solutions GmbH

Founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IAO, Mindlab is today one of the leading analytics specialists for the digital world of companies. Mindlab’s proprietary software, Netmind Core, with its unique tracking technologies for data collection is the most accurate and one of the most flexible and powerful digital analytics solutions on the market.

A simple, anonymous and free check of the maturity of your digital customer relationships, benchmarked against German competitors.

Digital analysis and process optimization are crucial success factors in the modern business world. The Digital Analytics Institute’s test, based on a large-scale Bitkom study, tells you whether your digital maturity is better or worse than your competition.

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Why Digital Analytics Have Become Essential

Digital transformation is making great strides and affecting all industries. Today, customer relationships are primarily maintained digitally, and contact and support are provided by countless channels and touchpoints. In their diversified customer journey, people use different devices and different platforms. To provide an optimum customer experience here, companies must face the complex challenge of understanding, evaluating and making this journey enjoyable.

Strong digital analytics technology is a must, if you want to meet the needs of users and satisfy their desires. Only with the appropriate tools can your own digital strategy be analyzed and optimized. Powerful digital analytics and optimization tools are fundamental to your company’s success – now everyone understands this. But to what extent have these already arrived and been established in German companies?

The Bitkom Study and the Emergence of the DAOMI

To answer this question, the experts from Bitkom conducted a large-scale study in cooperation with the dominant technology service providers in Germany. More than 1,000 companies with a minimum of 20 employees from all industries were examined regarding their degree of digital maturity.

Bitkom has developed a characteristic number for the classification, which makes it possible to determine the position in the national comparison from the data collected. The so-called Digital Analytics & Optimization Maturity Index (DAOMI) shows to what extent the prerequisites for qualitative and quantitative analysis and their implementation in the company are being met. The basic pillars for the assessment are six dimensions: data, technology, processes, strategy, culture & personnel and organization. A total of 38 indicators are included in the calculation.

The composition of the Digital Analytics & Optimization Maturity Index (DAOMI), © Bitkom


Results for Germany – Room for improvement

Almost all German companies rely on digital customer contact (96 percent), but only two thirds can analyze the resulting data at all. Even less – just over half – also create value for the company from the data.

After all, 38 percent use at least one Digital Analytics & Optimization (DAO) tool, primarily in the field of Web Analytics. However, smaller companies in particular do it without the analysis of their customers. The investment is worthwhile, as the study shows: every single company that uses DAO tools generates clear added value.

This hesitant usage of DAO is reflected in a correspondingly low DAOMI. On a scale of 1 to 100, the average in Germany is just 26, with 100 being the maximum maturity level. The DAOMI is higher based on the size of the company. Although smaller companies average 23 points, large companies are at 47. There are also significant differences between the industries. The automotive industry scores a DAOMI of 31, while the publishing industry reaches an average of 19.

Test: How to Determine Your DAO Maturity with Benchmarking

From the results of the Bitkom study, a questionnaire has been created, with which you can also check the DAOMI of your company and thereby your DAO maturity level. The Self-Assessment provided by Mindlab Solutions in cooperation with the Digital Analytics Institute only takes about 15 minutes of your time and is composed of 33 questions.


Sample question from the self-assessment


Next, you get your individual evaluation and, if desired, benchmarking against your industry and company size. The data you provide will only be used for the self-assessment and remains anonymous. There are no costs associated with the test.


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