A Vision of Data Democracy: minubo & Project A About Data-Driven Commerce

25 Apr 2017
Anne Golombek

Anne Golombek – © Marc Müller_Internet World 2018The Author: Anne Golombek

Anne Golombek is COO and Marketing Lead at minubo, the Commerce Intelligence Company. As an expert in data-driven commerce, she is one of the initiators of the Commerce Reporting Standard project.

Commerce companies today are under a great deal of pressure: Competition is powerful (especially with giants like Amazon or Zalando), prices shrink (and with them the margins) and customer behaviour is highly volatile – while those same customers get more and more demanding in terms of how brands and retailers provides them with a seamless shopping experience across channels. To succeed under these circumstances, companies need to leverage their data for better decision-making in order to secure their competitive edge.

At the Spryker stage at Online Marketing Rockstars 2017, Lennard Stoever (CEO at minubo) and Martin Loetzsch (Chief Data Officer at Project A) discussed how companies can achieve that goal with turning the vision of data democracy into reality. Watch the recording to learn how:

  • commerce companies benefit from providing every team member with direct access to data insights
  • nevertheless, companies struggle and often fail with integrating the data from different source systems
  • the right data model is key to building a data-driven organization – not a specific way of data visualization
  • the Commerce Reporting Standard will provide brands and retailers with a shortcut to a data-driven decision culture


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